DJ Walley, one of the biggest names in the clubbing scene in India, started out his career as a teenager perusing his passion. DJing gave him the power to express his love for music, and now stands with his work close to his heart.

He has been spinning the best of 'Da Beatz' for over a decade now and contributes strongly to India’s growing nightlife with his cutting edge sounds. DJ Walley is well known for having a unique 'Over the Top' way of presenting different kinds of genre and styles of mixing.

Today, DJ Walley has a league of his own in the Industry. He is also the founder of India’s biggest hip hop band/collective “DA BLING THING”, which has taken the International hip-hop music scene in India by Storm, performing at the most reputed nightclubs and events around India. 'DA BLING THING' is in fact deemed the only hip hop collective in India which has all the elements of hip-hop, from DJ's, Turntablists, Mc's, B-boys and B-girls.

Technology Rules the World and when it has something to do with music, DJ Walley welcomes it with open arms. He is one of the first few Indian DJ's to introduce video mixing in his sets and has literally walked with Visual DJing, into the next level. Visual DJing, as it is called has taken its club goers to a realm of mixed fanatics where one cannot keep from swaying to the music. With feet on both sides DJ Walley preserves the freshness of old school music and introduces it with a taste of the latest technologies. He is truly one of the elite who know how to get his parties going.


Exceptionally gifted Disc Jockey (DJ) with more than FIFTEEN years experience in presenting Music and Visuals, Hosting Music Festivals, Club Nights, Private Parties and running Mobile Discos.